26 Feb Dimension PDF Launches 3D PDF Express for AutoCAD®


BEND, OR – February 26, 2016 – Today, Dimension PDF, a developer of solutions for creating 3D PDF files directly from CAD software, announced the initial release of 3D PDF Express, a new plug-in solution that enables anyone to create 3D PDF documents directly inside of AutoCAD. 3D PDF Express for AutoCAD is available exclusively from the Autodesk® App Store.

Sharing of 3D data has long been an issue for engineering professionals. Models built with popular CAD data formats, such as DWG, have required recipients of these files to use costly design or visualization software to even see the 3D models. Even CAD data in freely available data formats, such as DWF, has required recipients to download, install and maintain specialized software for viewing or collaborating with the 3D models. The problem compounds, as each new person the CAD data is sent to is also required to install the same specialized software.

3D PDF Express solves the 3D model sharing problem. With a mouse click, AutoCAD users can generate a PDF file containing both their 2D and 3D AutoCAD data. Because PDF files are highly compressed, the file can easily be emailed or shared in the cloud. Anyone who receives a 3D PDF file can use the enormously popular Adobe Acrobat Reader or Bluebeam Vu software to view and interact with the 3D models. These recipients can use the 3D measurement and commenting tools, available in both viewers, to annotate the models before sending them back. Sharing complex 3D AutoCAD models is incredibly easy using 3D PDF Express.

“Architects and engineers have long faced the challenge of how to easily share their CAD models within their own companies, as well as with clients and partners,” said Phil Spreier, Founder and President of Dimension PDF. “Our new plug-in, 3D PDF Express, enables AutoCAD users to export their rich AutoCAD data to the popular PDF format. These 3D PDF files retain all the critical AutoCAD information, including drawings, models, layers, colors and materials. ­­And since the CAD data is contained in a PDF file, users can also digitally sign, protect and track their sensitive engineering information.”

3D PDF Express for AutoCAD is available now at the Autodesk App Store. For more information, visit https://apps.autodesk.com.

About Dimension PDF

Dimension PDF is a developer of plug-ins for popular CAD software. Their software enables engineers and architects to quickly and easily share engineering data using the international standard PDF file format.  Established in 2016, Dimension PDF is headquartered in Bend, Oregon. For more information, please visit http://www.dimensionpdf.com.


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